Games should be fun! This is how we bring people into the great hobby. When we take time to review a board game at One Board Family, we are considering a couple things.

Fun Factor
Is the game enjoyable? Who will have fun with this game? Does it feel like a chore to bring this game to the table?

We strive to bring you reviews for games that we have fun with. It hurts our credibility as a website to review games that are terrible experiences. If we wouldn’t play the game with our family and friends, we’re not going to share it with you.

Time Commitment
Time is valuable and none of us will get that wasted hour back. We value your time so we’re going to be up front with the time commitment that a game will take. There are some games that will take you 3 to 5 hours to play. Those games might be amazing, but chances are that they will not be reviewed here. We want to respect your time and appreciate it when games respect our time as a family.

Games are Complex
We don’t want to short change a game by assigning it a number. Games can be complex experiences that are bigger than a single review score. We’ll do our best to give you the info you need to make a decision on purchasing a new game. You can always ask questions in the comments section on any review.

Upfront Review Policy
We are not paid to feature or review games on One Board Family. If a publisher sends us a copy of a game, gives us a demo version or a retail copy, it will be noted in the review.

Reviews are subjective and we’ll do our best to share the highs and lows of the games that we review. At the end of the day, we want to introduce you to a new game that will help you make memories with family and friends.