New Technology Really Puts You In the Game

The next evolution in gaming seems to be on the horizon. Virtual Reality was only the beginning of truly immersive gameplay. Players have been hoping for deeper connections to their favorite board games and one man is making it possible.

Sterling Labs now owns the patent on a revolutionary device that is being marketed to hardcore gamers. The technology would allow players to be shrunken to the size of a common board game miniature or the size of a meeple in some instances. Players can stay in this shrunken state for up to 4 hours, ensuring they can play two games of Blood Rage, or the latest CMON game.

miniature technology

This technology was originally created by Wayne Szalinski, and later sold to Sterling Labs. The idea came to Mr. Szalinski after many hours on his “thinking couch”. His original intent was to market this to professional level chess players. After seeing players passion for funding games with miniatures via Kickstarter, he couldn’t resist the chance to cash in.

Sterling Labs plans to fund the creation of these shrinking rays through Kickstarter in Fall of 2017. There is no word on a price point or if they will ever hit retail.

miniature shrinking ray