S4E05 – The One about Mixing Technology and Board Games

Welcome to the One Board Podcast! Ric and Ryan start the show with the games they have been playing this week. We’ve got Great Heartland Hauling Co., Animals on Board, Fireball Island and What’s Up. In this episode we discuss the pros and cons to having apps integrated into our board games. With so many new hybrid experiences, what happens when the tech is no longer supported? Some of the games mentioned in this segment: Stop Thief, Chronicles of Crime, Unlock, XCOM the Board Game, Beasts of Balance, NosediveWorld of Yo-Ho and more.

Ric ends this episode by reviewing the game Detective from Portal Games.

Timestamps for this episode:
 What We’ve Been Playing
[20:25] Technology in board games
[40:45] Ric reviews Detective

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