S5E01 – The One Where We Also Played Video Games

Another season of the One Board Podcast is back! This week we have Bob and Josiah joining us for a packed episode. We start the episode talking about Colors of Paris, Belratti and Tricky Tides. We’re taking some time to talk about the excellent time we had at Southern-Fried Gaming Expo in July. This video game, pinball, board game and geek culture convention was a blast!

At the end of the show we’re talking about our favorite game experiences from SFGE 2019. We’ve got Conflicting LegendsFinger Guns at High NoonSwordcraftersSkull KingSilver & Gold and Rez Arcana.

Timestamps for this episode:
[02:30] What we’ve been playing
[24:25] Southern-Fried Gaming Expo recap
[36:48] Favorite games of SFGE 2019

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