S5E03 – The One Where Ric Has a Kid

This week Ryan and Bob take control of the podcast while Ric has fun being a Dad. We start the episode talking about Sushi Roll and Hadara, two games that we’ve been playing a lot this week. In this episode we have a new segment that we call “Ric Talks About Board Games While Holding a Baby”. You can probably guess what this segment is about.

We also chat with Rachael Blaske about the new game Mint Cooperative, the latest in the mint series of games. You can check out this new game on Kickstarter now through October 4, 2019. Ryan and Bob end the episode talking about 3 games that took them by surprise after they played them. These are the games they were hesitant to play but ended up really enjoying them.

Timestamps for this episode:
[02:38] What we’ve been playing
[14:02] Ric Talks About Board Games While Holding a Baby
[17:08] Interview with Rachael Blaske
[30:40] Three games that took us by surprise

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