S5E17 – The One About Digital Board Games

This week Ric and Ryan podcast from their underground bunkers as we spend our 3rd or 4th week in quarantine, honestly we’re losing track. This week we discuss Unmatched: Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot, The Kings Guild, Truck Off: the Roll and Write and Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Carlton House & Queen’s Park.

Ric takes some time with our guest Andrew Miller of AndHeGames to talk about The Cloud Dungeon 2 and providing games for families dealing with COVID-19.

We end the episode talking about the digital versions of the board games we’ve been playing. How do they stack up to the analog versions of the same game?

Timestamps for this episode:
[05:00] What we’ve been playing
[19:35] Interview with Andrew Miller
[37:00] Digital Board Gaming

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