Kid Friendly Games

Looking for our lastest kid friendly game reviews? You came to the right place. Here you’ll find board game reviews that are perfect for kids 12 and under.

Review: Kodama

The forest is growing and it needs your help to grow the most beautiful trees. Players have to plan and arrange new branches to earn the most points over the course of three seasons. At the end of each season the Kodama, or tree spirits, give bonus points for different tree arrangements. Check out our full […]

Review: Ninja Camp

Welcome to Ninja Camp! Here you will learn to jump, kick, dodge and evade your enemy. Your fellow campers are some of the fiercest competitors in the animal kingdom. One wrong move and you could find yourself in a trap. Anyone can survive Ninja Camp, but only one of you has what it takes to […]

Review: Say Anything

When Apples to Apples first hit the market, it hit hard. I know I saw a copy at every youth group event we had, and anyone who didn’t own it was sure to get 5 copies for Christmas.  Soon there were editions and expansions all over place so that you could play with cards that […]

Potion Explosion Digital App

Since playing Potion Explosion last year, the game has become one of our family favorites. The mechanics are easy to learn and it’s become a gateway game for some of our friends over the past couple months.

Review: Pass the Pigs: Pig Party Edition

Some nights, you want to sit down and play a game that puts your brain to the test. You want to develop a strategy that has your opponents begging for mercy by the last round. You want to rack up points like you’re Wilt Chamberlain (for you nerds out there, that’s a famous basketball player). […]

Review: Potion Explosion

Welcome to class students. Take your seats quickly because today we’re taking our final exams. Taking the right ingredients will allow you to complete potions and give you access to their magical powers. Only one of you can be the “Student of the Year” and every ingredient you pull from the Dispenser matters. Let the […]

Review: Food Fighters

As a parent, the words “Stop playing with your food” will spill out of your mouth at some point. Whether it’s making a mountain out of mashed potatoes or building a log cabin out of carrots, there is something fun about playing with your food.

Review: Ice Cool

In the board game Ice Cool from Brain Games, you’re an adolescent penguin running the halls of their frozen school. From the moment you open the box, you can tell this is a very special game. There are 5 boxes of different sizes that stack inside one another to create the structure of the penguin […]