Two Player Games

It can be tough to find a good game for just two players. Whether playing with a spouse, a roommate or a friend, there is always room for a great two player board game. Here you will find reviews for games that are perfect for just two players.

Review: Patchwork

When I think of fun board games, I immediately think quilts. Wait, you don’t? Well, maybe that’s because you don’t do most of your gaming inside of an igloo. Or maybe because you’ve never played Patchwork.

Review: Jaipur

Yes, I know.  It’s about time.

Review: Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

We seem to be in the middle of a Sherlock Holmes craze in pop culture. I mean, think about the last time that a bunch of people said they had to get home and watch PBS! But that’s what will be happening this Sunday night as the fourth season of the wildly popular Sherlock wraps up. Then […]

Review: Star Wars Destiny

I’ve waited almost two months to write this review because Star Wars Destiny isn’t a game that is entered into lightly. In November I made the decision to buy into this new collectible card and dice game created by Fantasy Flight. After weeks of playing this game and picking up a dozen booster packs along […]

Review: Food Fighters

As a parent, the words “Stop playing with your food” will spill out of your mouth at some point. Whether it’s making a mountain out of mashed potatoes or building a log cabin out of carrots, there is something fun about playing with your food.

Review: Star Realms

Since Dominion hit the scene back in 2008, there has been no shortage of deck building games on the market. Each of these provide their own unique spin, whether it’s making them co-op, adding in superheroes, or even going as far as to replace the cards with dice!

Review: Pagoda

Building is an inherent desire in many of us. Whether its simple wooden blocks or complex Legos, the thrill of putting something together is a wonderful experience. Pagoda is not focused the building, but to me, it is what makes it wonderful. Being able to see your progress as the towers grow level by level…. it’s […]

Review: Cake Duel

My army of sheepie are hungry and they need delicious cake to fill their belly! Cake Duel is the first game from Sizigi Studios and has been a lot of fun for our family. The 2-player game is a fast-paced bluffing game that plays in about 10 to 15 minutes. Players earn victory points by […]