Two Player Games

It can be tough to find a good game for just two players. Whether playing with a spouse, a roommate or a friend, there is always room for a great two player board game. Here you will find reviews for games that are perfect for just two players.

Review: Lost Cities

There’s not all that many games built specifically for two players. As a result, couples often find themselves trying to change the rules of some of their favorite games so that they can play a round. Lost Cities is a card game that has been built from the ground up specifically for two players. Check […]

Review: Onitama

I remember learning how to play chess before hitting middle school. It wasn’t hard to learn but it’s definitely a beast to master. The game Onitama brings that feel of a chess board and makes it far more accessible and in my opinion, more fun.

Review: Raptor

We originally found Raptor through the OneBoardFamily Instagram account when we found┬ápeople talking about how fun this game was. This two player game pits a team of scientists against a Velociraptor and her young. As crazy as this concept sounds, Raptor is a great choice if you’re looking for a two player strategy game to […]