Sushi Go! is Getting a Digital Release

There’s something about those cute little sushi rolls that keep us coming back to the table over and over. Our family is a big fan of Sushi Go! and Sushi Go Party! If you’re a fan of this game like we are, and you have an iOS device, then you never have to leave home without those delicious sushi rolls.

Sushi Go! screen shot on iOSLummox Labs is a new developer that has quite a bit of experience with developing board games on digital platforms. This team of devs have previously worked on digital versions of Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert. They are looking to launch Sushi Go! on iOS devices at the end of the Summer or early Fall.

The artwork and screen shots look just as colorful and cute as you would imagine. The game will have a solo mode where you can play against multiple AI opponents and will support multiplayer through “game center”. There is currently no word on a release for the Android platform.

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