Will It Game? Episode 21 with Jo Firestone

This week we have comedian Jo Firestone on the show to judge game pitches based “elements of a relationship”. This theme proves to be difficult for our “professional?” hosts. Will Ric find what’s missing from his relationship? Can Ryan even comprehend this theme? Remember to head over to https://facebook.com/oneboardfamily and vote on your favorite game pitch. The poll will stay up until March 10, 2019.

You can find Jo Firestone online at http://www.jofirestone.com/ and check out her latest set on The Tonight Show. Look out for Dr. Gameshow on the MaxFun Network when it relaunches March 2019.

The track “Balkana” was created by 4bstr4ck3r. http://freemusicarchive.org/music/4bstr4ck3r/