Will it Game? Episode 50 with Isaac Childres

It’s episode 50! This week we have a very special guest on the show. Our guest judge is Isaac Childres, the creator of Gloomhaven, the co-designer of Return to Dark Tower and his latest creation Frosthaven. With such a fabulous guest on the show, Ric and Ryan thought they would put together two amazing game pitches in hopes of impressing Isaac. Unfortunately, both of them dropped the ball, spent 45 seconds on their game pitches and made total fools of themselves. In other words, it’s a pretty normal episode. Will Ric have enough fuel in the tank to pull out a win? Can Ryan roll his way to yet another victory?

Be sure to check out the amazing games that Isaac creates at Cephalofair Games. Be sure to check into the Frosthaven Kickstarter that is live now through May 1, 2020.

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