My Favorite Dice Game

One of my favorite dice games is Mars Attacks: The Dice Game from Steve Jackson Games. Players take on the roll of the creepy martians who are bent on destroying every city they come across.

It’s a standard “push your luck” game as you earn points by taking over different cities and monuments around the United States. Players roll 10 dice trying to avoid the dreaded nuke symbols that end their turn. The game play gets competitive as players fight over the different cities that are flipped over in the middle of the table.

Nothing is more satisfying then having a great roll and stealing a city from another player. Claiming some cities will give you advantages in the game. Usually these cities will only earn you a couple victory points as a trade off.

Mars Attacks┬áscales really well to fit up to 6 players and is simple enough for kids as young as 6 or 7 years old. If you’re a fan of dice games, Mars Attacks is well worth your time. Check your local board game shop to pick up a copy or you can purchase a copy on Amazon today.

So what is your favorite dice game to play? Let us know what dice games make it to your table often in the comments below.