It can be tough to find a good game for just two players. Whether playing with a spouse, a roommate or a friend, there is always room for a great two player board game. Here you will find reviews for games that are perfect for just two players.

Orlog: An Assassin's Creed Dice Game Review

Orlog Review

Orlog is a 2-player dice combat game from Pure Arts and Hachette Games.
Disney Sorcerer's Arena: Epic Alliances Review

Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Epic Alliances Review

Heroes and villains from the Disney and Pixar universe come together in this skirmish board game from The OP.
Unmatched: Redemption Row Review

Unmatched: Redemption Row Review

The first of the Unmatched Marvel sets has arrived. Welcome to Redemption Row!
Viral: the Hive expansion

Viral: The Hive Expansion

Use your unique upgrades to become an unstoppable virus in Viral: The Hive.
Riftforce review

Riftforce Review

Draft guilds that have unique powers and take control of the Riftforce in this 2 player card battling game.
On the Rocks review

On the Rocks Review

On the Rocks from Pentree Games and 25th Century Games teaches you to become a mixologist without having to attend Cocktail University.
Omega Virus Prologue review

Omega Virus Prologue Review

Race through the space station and find the equipment before your opponent in Omega Virus Prologue.
Mandala Review

Mandala Review

Mandala is a beautiful abstract 2-player game with enough strategy to keep both players engaged.