Ric's Christmas Wishlist 2023

Ric’s 2023 Christmas Wishlist

Hopefully Santa has seen how hard Ric works to stay on the nice list. Here are some of the games he would love to see under the tree this year.
Tanis Review

Tanis Review

Tanis is an Egyptian themed set collection game from Phil Walker-Harding. Out dig your opponents and collect sets of papyrus tiles for the biggest score.

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How well do you know your friends and family? Priorities is the party game where players try and guess what you value most from Clarendon Games.

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Michael Myers has come home to kill. The original Halloween film comes to your game table in a game from designer Emerson Matsuuchi and Trick or Treat Studios Games.

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BOOoop Review

BOOoop is the not so scary sequel to the award winning Boop from designer Scott Brady. Don't let the ghost cats scare you off the bed.

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