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Back in 2017 we launched the One Board Podcast where we shared what we were playing and reviews that were hitting the website. As the show evolved, we started a second show called “Will It Game?”. Ric and Ryan would take the terrible board game ideas in their heads and pitch them to gamers, content creators and designers from around the world.

Will It Game? has become its own force and it’s a show that we love to do. You can still find old episodes of the One Board Podcast in our feed. Beginning in Summer of 2022, we’re moving forward with Will It Game? as our only show. Subscribe and share with your friends, we have lots of terrible ideas rattling around in our heads.

Will It Game? Podcast

Will it Game? Episode 77 with Nathan Thornton

Game designer Nathan Thornton is back on Will it Game to judge two very different games based on the city of Atlanta. ...
Will It Game? Podcast

Will it Game? Episode 76 with KC Ogbuagu

We have KC Ogbuagu of Nibcard Games as our guest judge as Ric and Ryan try to pitch games about mythical creatures. ...
Will It Game? Podcast

Will It Game? Episode 75 with Dave Houck

Board games based on emojis? Can't be worse than the movie... ...
Will It Game?

Will It Game? Episode 74 with Dani Effertz

Back flips or black coffee? Guest judge Dani Effertz of Sovranti must decide between these roll n' write game pitches. ...
Will It Game?

Will it Game? Episode 73 with Dani Standring

This week Dani Standring joins our show as a guest judge. These game pitches are sure to make you uncomfortable in the best ways possible. ...