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Kid Friendly Games

Looking for our lastest kid friendly game reviews? You came to the right place. Here you’ll find board game reviews that are perfect for kids 12 and under.

Trio Review

Trio Review

Simple mechanics and fast gameplay means that Trio is a card game that gets a lot of play in our home. Trio is a deceptively fun game for the whole family.

Subatomic Review

Can you actually learn while you play a game?

Silver & Gold Review

Use treasure maps to pillage islands for gold and notoriety in Silver & Gold, a fantastic card game from Phil-Walker Harding.

Animal Kingdoms Review

It's the card game you didn't know you needed.
Truck Off Roll and Write Review

Truck Off: Roll and Write Review

Stock up the truck and hit the road in Truck Off Roll and Write from Adam's Apple Games.

5211 Review

5211 gives you the basic rules in its very name. Does Next Move Games have a new classic on its hands with this card game?

DownForce: Wild Ride Expansion Review

Take a spin on two new unique Downforce tracks with the Wild Ride expansion.

Roam Review

Roam the landscape of Arzium and gather a community in this beautiful area control game from Ryan Laukat.