Trio Review

Trio Review

In 2023, our friend Joe taught us a game that quickly became our “go-to” card game for any occasion. Nana was a small box card game published in Korea with simple mechanics that was accessible to both kids and adults. Trio from Happy Camper Games, is the US release of this game that has occupied our table for months. Since it’s now widely available, it’s time to convince you that you need this card game in your collection.

Hide and Seek

The goal of Trio is straight-forward. Players are trying to collect all three copies of a given card. Cards in the deck are numbered 1 through 12, with three copies of each. Player have a hand of cards with additional cards laying facedown in a grid in the center of the table.

Trio player hand

On a players turn, they can ask another player “what’s your highest card?” or “what’s your lowest card?”. The player that’s asked has to reveal that card from their hand and lay it on the table for everyone to see. Players have to be honest and share the card that’s requested. The active player can also choose to flip over a card in the center of the table, revealing a card to all players.

Your turn ends when you have 2 mismatching cards revealed or when you find all three copies of a single card. For example, I ask Erin, “what’s your highest card?” and she reveals an 11. I then ask Ric, “What’s your highest card?” and he reveals a 9. My turn would end because I didn’t find a match.

Taking Your Memory for a Jog

With every turn, more cards are being revealed around the table. New information is coming out as players collect sets of cards, inching ever closer to the end of the game.

Trio cards on the table

Trio is a memory game but not the horrible Dora the Explorer Memory Match type that your toddler wanted to play 10 times each day. There’s an aspect of deduction to Trio that I love. Eagle-eyed players will start to pick up patterns as their opponents ask specific questions and reveal just enough info to help you on your turn.

Players need three sets of three cards, a set of two numbered cards that equate to 7 (6+1, 4+3, 12-5, ect) or all three cards with the number 7 on them. Since players can only ask for the highest and lowest cards from other players, collecting all three 7 cards can be difficult.

A Winning Combination

Trio is an absolute winner in our house. I’ve taught the game to so many people and the rules take only a minute to explain. Players immediately understand the goal of the game and both kids and adults can jump right in.

The social nature of asking players to reveal a card is a fantastic icebreaker when people may not know one another. Trio takes under 20 minutes to play, which means we’re playing back-to-back games all the time. I love that the game supports up to 6-players but I’ve also enjoyed it with just 3-players over dinner.

Trio - number 7 card

Trio is simple to understand but every game is different because of the card distribution. It’s super satisfying to find a set of three cards that players have been looking for over a series of turns. I really enjoy the over-sized and vibrant cards in this edition from Happy Camper Games.

Trio is the card game that goes everywhere with us. Our teenage kids actually enjoy this game which is another huge win for our family. This is the game that hits the table when we’re crunched for time or want to start the game night with some fun interactions around the table.

Trio is the modern card game with a classic feel that fits nicely into any game collection. Do yourself a favor and check out Trio today.

You can purchase Trio at your local game store, the Happy Camper webstore or online through Amazon today.

This game was provided to us by the publisher for review. Read more about our review policies at One Board Family.


  • Very accessible to a wide audience
  • Large format and bright cards are fun
  • Snappy gameplay that supports up to 6 players


  • Memory aspect of the game could be a turn-off


1.5 out of 5

Time Commitment

1.5 out of 5


4 out of 5

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