A New Podcast Celebrating Gamers Ink

A New Podcast Celebrating Gamers Ink

This week One Board Family is launching a new podcast! We’re partnering with game designer Eric Slauson and his hit game Tattoo Stories to bring this new podcast to life. Each week Bob and Ric will invite on a member of the board game community as they describe the tattoos on their guests body. With incredible detail and vivid words, you can almost picture what these inked creations look like.

Close your eyes and take a trip with us as we spend 30 minutes describing beautiful body art that you’ll never see with your eyes. Only Bob and Ric could create this rich tapestry of words that help you to witness the images on our guests skin.

“When I heard Bob describing the meeple, I felt like I was literally there at a convention, looking at this gamers tattoo,” said Jazz Cruz of Lobby of Hobbies.

Ric White said, “We approached Eric with this idea at the beginning of the year. He immediately said ‘You’re doing what?’, then the phone got staticy. Just hearing the excitement in his voice let us know we had to move forward with this podcast.”

Week after week we’ll use our words to describe dice, meeples, cards and other well-known game components in excruciating detail for you the listener.

Below is a short clip of the pilot episode for your listening enjoyment.