Destinies: Witchwood preview

Destinies: Witchwood Preview

Destinies is an incredibly immersive game that was a huge hit for our family. 1 to 3 players take on a character that is trying to fulfill one of two destinies listed on their player cards. The story unfolds on the table and through a digital app that brings the world to life. Each session has a major story arc and loads of side missions that players can explore. Destinies: Witchwood is the next big expansion for this series from Lucky Duck Games.

Note: Destinies: Witchwood requires the original Destinies base game to play. A reprint of this game is available through the Gamefound campaign.

What Lurks in the Forest

Witchwood takes place in a woodland setting where a pact was made between the Dwellers of the Wood and mankind. Players will work on fulfilling one of their characters destinies while traversing the wooded pathways and less inhabited spaces. We were able to play the first scenario in this expansion to get a feel of what this new expansion brings to the table.

Destinies: Witchwood map tiles

Anyone who played the original Destinies will be familiar with turns and how the story unfolds. We found that Witchwood had loads of locations to explore that led to new storylines that were engaging. Based off the first scenario, I really enjoyed how the map tiles created woodland trails led to a unique map with lots to explore. The game uses new miniatures that go along with the new characters, but also utilize the minis from the original game.

You’ll find a mix of new cards with new abilities that connect to the storylines, but will still use some basic cards from the original game. Even though this first scenario was not finalized and still in development, you can tell that the team at Lucky Duck has really stepped up their game as storytellers.

Destinies: Witchwood includes immersive sounds and effects that makes the entire game come alive. The app is top-notch which is something that we’ve come to expect from Lucky Duck over the years.

Destinies: Witchwood character

New Setting, New Adventure

With game expansions, I approach it through the lens of “what does the new content bring to the original game?”. Destinies is a fantastic game and one that I’ll always come back to when there’s new content. Something about Witchwood really hooked me and it’s an expansion that I’m really excited about.

The setting of Witchwood feels different and more modern than the more fantasy themed setting of the base game. There’s a supernatural connection with woodland creatures/monsters that I absolutely love. While the mechanics haven’t changed significantly, the items and interactions that are introduced feel like a step up.

Destinies: Witchwood miniatures

For anyone who was a fan of the base game, Destinies: Witchwood feels like the next evolution in this property. The final game will feature 4 scenarios and the expansion will be fully compatible with Destinies Community Editor. This brings even more content to a property that is more than just another board game.

Destinies: Witchwood launches on Gamefound on October 25, 2022. Visit their campaign to learn more about this expansion.

A prototype of the game was provided for this coverage. Components and rules covered in this preview are not finalized. Read more about our preview policies at One Board Family.

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