Venturing into the World of Kickstarter

Seemingly overnight, Kickstarter has become a powerful force in the world of board games. Many of our favorites would never exist without its crowdfunding power. However, Kickstarter can be a little intimidating. You’re often not going to get your product for several months. Sometimes, you’re taking a risk, and your delivery may never come. So how can you feel good about your first pledge?

Might I recommend Space Base Mutiny, a game I recently found on Kickstarter.  

Space Base Mutiny is a game that bills itself as a 10-minute, 2-player ‘area collection’ game. The small game board includes four different colored areas with powers that are triggered when you occupy three sections of the area. The game also includes six races…

…each with their own special skills. Each turn, you simply place units to invade enemy space or remove them to trigger a system’s power. You win by using up all your units.

Now, I don’t know that this is going to be a ‘life changing’ game by any means, it does look like it could be some nice, portable fun for two. And really, for $2, if you play it one time it pretty much has been worth the money.  

Also, you’re going to get a taste of crowdfunding in a fairly low risk situation. While this is creator Colin Thom’s first Kickstarter, he seems to have a good idea on how to execute on his plan. And at such a low price point, if there are any issues, you haven’t lost a large investment. Plus, the product is supposed to deliver in November, so there’s not even that much turn around before you get your order. So go ahead. Dip your toe in the water. Maybe soon you’ll be diving in.

Visit the Space Base Mutiny Kickstarter today!