New games on Sovranti

5 New Games to Play on Sovranti

At this same time last year, I put together a list of games that families can play together on the Sovranti gaming platform. Over the past 12 months, the platform and game selection has grown significantly. So here are 5 of the newer games that you should absolutely check out on the platform.

New games on Sovranti

What is Sovranti?

For anyone not familiar with Sovranti, it’s essentially a virtual space to play games with people around the world. The platform presents everything in a virtual environments with players creating their own avatars who stand around the game table. With the game setup and rules being automated, it’s a great way to play games even when you are limited on time or space. In fact, Sovranti was a lifesaver when we recently spent hours in an airport during a layover when traveling.

The Sovranti app is available on both Android and iOS mobile devices along with apps for your Windows and Mac devices. So now that you know a little more about the platform, let’s talk about some of the new games we’re playing.

Dice Miner

When Dice Miner showed up on Sovranti, I knew it was time to check it out. This dice drafting game from Atlas was really tough to find when it first hit the market. After a single game on Sovranti, I was hooked! Over the course of 3 rounds, players are drafting dice from a mountain display. Players want to create tunnels (runs of numbered dice 1 through 5). You can also draft gold and defense dice to guard against falling rocks and dragons.

Dice Miner on Sovranti

Dice Miner is a game that plays so quickly on Sovranti and there’s no setup required. The platform handles all the different die abilities and prompts players to use their re-rolls at the end of the round. When our son saw how much fun we had playing Dice Miner, he grabbed Erin’s tablet so he could jump into the fun. Because Dice Miner is so easy to jump into on Sovranti, don’t be surprised if you play back to back games.


One of the best abstract 2-player games around has to be the stone moving Shōbu from Smirk & Dagger. The game showed up on Sovranti this Fall and it’s a fantastic way to experience the game when you can’t play in person. Using 4 wooden grids and 16 stones per person, the game challenges players to think spatially. Each turn, players make a “passive move” followed by an “aggressive move”.

Shōbu on Sovranti

This aggressive move takes place on the opposite colored board as the passive move and can shove the opponents stone off the board. Players are working to protect their stones while exploiting their opponents position each round. Shōbu is thinky and elegant and plays nicely on Sovranti.

Night of the Ninja

Night of the Ninja is one of the best deduction party games on the market. Players are secretly assigned a house which tells them what team they are on. Players draft 2 ninja abilities which are used during the round. The different ninja abilities trigger in phases, letting players learn more info about their opponents or even eliminate them.

While I’ve had doubts about how social deduction games work on a virtual platform, this is one that absolutely works online. Using voice chat and getting 5 to 8 players in a game can be a blast. When you can’t get everyone at the same table for a game night, jumping into Night of the Ninja on Sovranti can be the next best thing. Do yourself a favor and check out one of my favorite games in this genre.


Don’t let the cute cats of boop. fool you. This game is a cutthroat 2-player game from Scott Brady (Hues & Cues). This recent release from Smirk & Dagger is available on Sovranti this month. Players are working to add cats to the plush bed in the center of the table. Each time a new kitten is added, the cats around them are “booped” one space away. Once you have 3 kittens in a row, they graduate to full grown cats, just like in real life.

boop. on Sovranti

Players are competing to be the first to have a line of 3 cats in a line. The game is extremely cute and the implementation on Sovranti is excellent. boop. is a fast, fun game that you can enjoy with your spouse or favorite opponent. Having a new release like boop. on the platform is a great fit especially during this holiday season.

Gift of Tulips

Explore Amsterdam’s tulip festival in Gift of Tulips from designer Sara Perry. We loved learning about this game when we saw it at Origins this year. Players will collect cards, give the card to another player or secretly alter the rankings of the tulip colors. The mechanics of the game are so unique in they way players can score points while gifting cards to their opponents.

Gift of Tulips on Sovranti

Sovranti handles the market values and scoring so smoothly in throughout the game. It’s an excellent way to learn to play Gift of Tulips. With support for up to 6 players, this is a great one to teach friends and family around the digital game table.

There are loads of great games to discover on Sovranti right now. You can play all these games and more for free for 60 days using the coupon code “ALWAYSBOARD” in the Profile area of the app. Download the Sovranti app today for your platform of choice.

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