Dirty Pig Review

Dirty Pig, the newest game in the Happy Planet line from North Star Games, is a fast paced card game that can be played with 2 – 6 players. Kids as young as six will have no problem jumping in on the action, while adults will experience an edge of competiveness that will keep them coming back for more!

Each player starts with three unhappy clean pigs. The goal of the game is to be the first player to dirty all three of their pigs, therefore making them extremely happy. Each turn, a player will play a card and draw a card. The deck consists of cards that will clean a dirty pig, a barn to keep your pig dry, lightening that will burn down an opponent’s barn, a lightning rod to keep your barn safe, and a rain card that will clean every uncovered pig on the table.

Dirty Pig cards

Lock ’em Up

Since your opponents will be constantly playing cards to wash your pigs each turn, getting a dirty pig into a barn and locking the door is very helpful. If you can install a lightning rod on the locked barn, your dirty pig is now untouchable.

There is some “take that” in Dirty Pig as players play cards that clean their opponents pigs or burn down the barns they’ve built to keep their pigs out of the rain. The game is fairly short, but we’ve found that the more competitive players are, the longer the game can last.

Dirty Pig is a fantastic filler game, and extremely portable. It comes in a cute and durable neoprene pig shaped bag, and is fun to bring out at family gatherings, coffee shops, and even restaurants. It’s easy to teach and quick to learn, so even the most reluctant gamer might give it a shot.

You can pick up Dirty Pig at your local game store or head over to North Star Games website to purchase a copy.

North Star Games provided us with a retail copy of Dirty Pig for this review. This in no way influenced our opinion of the game.


  • Fast paced/quick play time
  • Kids will pick up on this game easily
  • Slight competitive edge to keep adults interested
  • Easy to teach


  • At a higher player count the game can go a little long

Erin Gutowski

A lover of strategy games and a hater of Monopoly. Board games have been a gateway for meeting new people and building great friendships.

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