Fuji Flush Review

Fuji Flush Review

Fuji Flush is a fun, fast paced filler game designed by Friedman Friese. It’s simple to learn, and at a player count of 3-8, no one gets left behind! Even a player as young as 7 can join in on the fun. The goal of this colorful card game is to get rid of all of your cards and be the first player left empty handed.

At the beginning of the game each player is dealt 6 cards (5 cards if you’re playing with 7 to 8 players) numbered 2 – 20. Taking turns clockwise, each player will play a single card. If the card played after yours is higher than your card, then your card gets “flushed” and you have to discard it and draw a new one. However, if the card played after yours is lower, your card stays on the table. If your turn comes around again and no one has played a higher card, you discard your card without drawing a new one.

Fuji Flush table

A fun “team” aspect to Fuji Flush occurs when players play cards of the same number, doubling, tripling or even quadrupling the original number. For instance, if you play a 10 and another player plays a 10, you now collectively have a 20. If another player at the table decides to join in and play a 10 as well, you now all have a combined score of 30, which is really difficult to beat! When it comes back around to the first player to play the 10, all players who played a 10 discard their cards and do not pick up new ones.

Fuji Flush players hand

While the game plays 3-8 players, it definitely plays better at a 5 to 8 player count. We’ve played it at a smaller count and the mechanics just don’t work as well. Also, any strategy you might have been using goes out the window when you’re left having to draw a single card. At this point your win is dependent on the “luck of the draw!” The best strategy is to hold a high card that will give you a fighting chance when you’re left with one card. Fuji Flush is competitive but provides a fun “team” aspect. We enjoy bringing this game with us while traveling because it’s so compact. You don’t have to worry about lugging a hefty game box with a dozen little pieces.

Fuji Flush is loud, fast-paced and a ton of fun! It’s great for parties and family get togethers, and a good way to introduce younger kids to gaming. We bring it out often, and by the looks of the box it might be time to invest in a new copy!

You can find Fuji Flush at your local game store or purchase it on Amazon today.


  • Fast-paced, easy to learn gameplay
  • Teaming up with other players is a great mechanic
  • Easily replaces Uno as a go-to card game


  • Your final card is often based on a lucky draw
  • Plays best with more than 4 players