Game Pick and a Flick - Halloween 2023

Game Pick & A Flick: More Halloween Pairings

Looking to throw a game and movie theme night this Halloween? Building off of our 2020 list, we’ve got some great movie and board game pairings for a fun and thematic night. Some of these movies aren’t family friendly options, but we’ve noted this under each entry.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf & Werewolves Within

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Family Friendly? Around 16+

It’s hard not to watch the preview for Werewolves Within and not get social deduction game vibes. One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a classic social deduction game from Bezier Games that needs no introduction. With multiple editions of the game, loads of expansions and supporting a high player count, Ultimate Werewolf is a go-to for the Halloween season.

Werewolves Within is a 2021 movie release that features Sam Richardson (The After Party, Hocus Pocus 2) as the new Park Ranger in the small mountain town of Beaverfield. As the new Ranger gets to know his neighbors, mysterious deaths put everyone in town on edge. With equal parts comedy and mystery, Werewolves Within is a fun movie with plenty of laughs from a great cast. While the movie is based on a Ubisoft VR game of the same name, the deep roots to Werewolf/Mafia are undeniable.

Hosting a night with these two will be a fantastic time for your friends and family that love a night of deception and mystery.

Monster Crunch & Hotel Transylvania

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Family Friendly? Yes

Hotel Transylvania is an animated film that has spawned 3 sequels in just 10 years. The monstrous hotel is run by Dracula and includes the classic movie monsters like the Blob, Werewolf, Frankenstein and more. My kids have grown up on this series in the same way that the monster cereals were a staple of my childhood.

Monster Crunch is a card game featuring the classic cereal monsters from General Mills. Players will take on the role of Count Chocula, Franken Berry, Boo Berry, Frute Brute and the often forgotten Yummy Mummy. Over the course of 3 rounds, players are working to discard hands of cards, connecting cards together using milk tokens to make higher values. The game is fast-paced and one that can hit the table year-round.

Families looking for a fun night for all ages will enjoy this pairing.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre & The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Board Game

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Family Friendly? No

The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre came out almost a decade before I was born. At almost 50 years old, the movie is still terrifying and has yet to be matched by any of the 8 films that came after it.

Trick or Treat Studio Games released The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Board Game and it’s a great representation of the original film. 1 to 4 players break down on the side of the road across from the Slaughter family home. Players work together to find the van keys and enough gas to escape the clutches of Leatherface. This cooperative horror game has great tension as you press-your-luck each round with characters directly pulled from the original film.

This new game release and classic horror movie is perfect for a terrifying night with friends.

Horrified: American Monsters & The Mothman Prophecies

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Family Friendly? Teenage and older

The Mothman Prophecies is a thriller from 2002 that doesn’t get enough love in my opinion. Starring Richard Gere as a reporter investigating strange events in a small West Virgina town. The movie is loosely based on true events that are tied to the Mothman folklore which is fascinating. This film is more of a suspense/thriller than a horror film which might be more your style.

Horrified: American Monsters is a cooperative game where players take on cryptids from different parts of American folklore. This Ravensburger release from 2021 allows players to pick their enemies, which changes the difficulty. Players are working together to solve puzzles as the monsters terrorize the town. The Mothman of West Virginia is just one of the monsters that you’ll face off against in this thematic cooperative game.

Friends and family who enjoy the unknown figures lurking in the woods will have fun with this pairing.

The Thing & The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31

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Family Friendly? Teenage and older

The Thing is one of the best sci-fi monster movies around and it was one of my favorites growing up. This John Carpenter movie still holds up more than 40 years later. With a great cast of characters and incredible practical effects, The Thing is sure to give some scares.

The Thing movie and game

In 2017, The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 hit stores and it was one of my most anticipated games. Since then, we’ve had some incredible stories come from our game nights as we try to find the infected player(s) at the table. No one can be trusted and every mission feels critical. The game is so tough for the human players and the game is dripping with tension. The second edition from The OP was published last year and is a great pick up this Halloween season.

Grab some friends and enjoy this monster movie classic and then enjoy a tense session as you try to find the infected.

What game and movie pairing are you planning this Halloween season? Post your suggestions in the comments below.

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