Games in Bloom this Spring

Games in Bloom this Spring

The trees are in bloom and it’s only a matter of time before seasonal allergies make my face explode. Spring is here and it’s beautiful! I’m sharing 5 great games that are in bloom on our game table this season.


Publisher: 25th Century Games
Number of Players: 2 to 4
Time Commitment: 60-90 minutes
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Gartenbau preview

Gartenbau is a beautiful tile placement game with an 19th century seed catalog aesthetic. Not only was the game in my Top 10 Games of 2022, but it was also a Mensa Select Winner for 2023. Moving around the central board, players are collecting sun and water tokens, spending them on seeds from the display.

Each player is building their own tableau as they place tiles in 3 distinct layers. Players are all working toward their own goals that have unique scoring criteria. The way players interact with the rondel and build floral displays are a fantastic challenge. Gartenbau is a beautiful game that is sure to offer a nice challenge during your next game night.

Gift of Tulips

Publisher: Weird Giraffe Games
Number of Players: 2 to 5
Time Commitment: 30 minutes
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Gift of Tulips - festival market

Springtime means that tulips are in bloom. Gift of Tulips from Weird Giraffe Games has players gathering bouquets of tulips, scoring points based on the values of each color at the end of the game. Players can secretly increase the value of a tulip color or add them to the market for everyone to see.

Gift of Tulips have one of my favorite mechanics in any card game. When you “gift” another player a tulip, you can earn points based on its position in the market. Generosity can benefit you OR give another player the lead in a specific tulip color. This game is such a gem and one that should hit your game table this Spring.


Publisher: Postmark Games
Number of Players: 1 to 100
Time Commitment: 20-30 minutes
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Waypoints from Postmark

When the trees are in bloom, it’s time to hit the hiking trails. Waypoints is a print and play game where players hike through a landscape of rivers, valleys and mountains. Players are trying to see a variety of wildlife and scenic views, earning bonuses as they go. This is a challenging roll and write from a publisher that has released some fantastic games in the past.

The topographic style map challenges players to make their own path as they traverse the terrain. Die rolls will dictate the weather conditions over the course of 4 hikes. Waypoints can be played as a solo experience or with other players, comparing scores at the end of the 4th hike. Postmark has a fantastic track record with supporting their games. At the time of this post, there are 3 different maps to download and experience. With more on the horizon and assets to create your own maps, Waypoints is a tremendous value.


Publisher: Pencil First Games
Number of Players: 1 to 100
Time Commitment: 30 minutes
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Delicious box art

Create a vibrant backyard garden in Delicious from Pencil First Games. Players have access to 6 vegetable beds and an area to plant fruits. Each round will give players options of taking 2 vegetable cards with a bonuses attached to each. You’re not able to plant everything, so some rounds will present tough choices as you work to maximize your points.

Delicious follows the style of previous games in the Pencil First Games line up like Herbaceous and Floriferous. Accessible gameplay, easy to learn, tough to master, and gorgeous artwork. Players can choose to draw their crops on their player sheets or just use letters (for those who are not fond of drawing). Delicious is really charming and a lot of fun to play.

Birds of a Feather: Western North America

Publisher: Snowbright Studios
Number of Players: 1 to 7
Time Commitment: 15-20 minutes
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Birds of a Feather: Western North America is one of the first games we grab when looking for a small box game to play over dinner. Players receive a hand of beautifully illustrated bird cards that appear in five different environments. The goal is to “see” as many different bird types as possible during the game.

Cards are played simultaneously which means the game moves really quick. You score all the birds that share the same environment with the card you play that round. Strategically playing predator cards will take away scoring chances from your opponents as it scares away the birds from the previous round. Birds of a Feather is a gorgeous card game that has a subtle strategy as you try to predict the cards that your opponents will play

What are your favorite games to play during the Spring season? Share them below so we can fill our tables this season.

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