Ghosted Review

Ghosted Review

The classic game of CLUE was one of my favorites as a kid. I loved trying to solve the mystery and working my way through the information that was available. Ghosted is a new family deduction game from Big G Creative that’s going to give you that same “who done it” feel with a little twist.

Ghosted suspect and weapon

That Paranormal Life

Ghosted allows 3 to 6 players to take on the role of a recently murdered person. Everyone at the table is a ghost trying to find the person who killed them along with the weapon and the motive for murder. Each player has a dry erase Evidence Board with all the possibilities available. Players are all dealt a suspect, weapon and motive card that sit in the players board facing out toward all the other players at the table.

Player begins with a couple cards evenly dealt out around the table. Everyone will start with just a little information at the start of the game. On your turn, you’ll roll a custom die to determine how you get the information you need. This die action won’t always be super helpful and part of the game is asking the right info at the right time. Make the most of this action and you’ll be able to deduce the cards that are sitting just inches from your face.

Ghosted evidence board

If a player rolls a die action for one of the cards they’ve already solved, then they receive a ghost token. This token gives the player a choice of which die action they want the next time an unusable die face is rolled.

Believe you have all the information you need? Make an accusation on your turn naming the correct suspect, weapon and motive to win the game.

Ghosted die and tokens

Finding Your Killer

I’ve got a decent collection of deduction games that range from simple to more complex. Ghosted is one of the better options when planning a casual game night with the family. The components of the game work well and I like the dry erase Evidence Boards that each players cards.

The colorful illustrations are fun, motives are ridiculous and the backstories for each suspect in the rulebook are hilarious. Ghosted doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary or revolutionary for this style game. Usually players are trying to guess the cards that have been removed from the game. Essentially everyone is chasing the same information. I really like that each player is working on finding the answers to their specific card combinations sitting in front of them.

Ghosted suspect, weapon and motive

Listening to the questions the other players are asking can be invaluable or lead you in the wrong direction. I love that another player can ask about a card that is literally sitting in front of you but you have no clue. Like any good deduction game, Ghosted keeps players engaged. It’s a solid option for any family looking for a fun deduction game that mixes up the formula a little bit. With Ghosted supporting 6 players, this is a game that’s going to see a lot of play this Halloween season.

You can pick up a copy of Ghosted at your local Target store or order it online at

This game was provided to us by the publisher for review. Read more about our review policies at One Board Family.


  • Great illustrations, suspect stories and fun motives
  • Dry erase evidence boards work well
  • Tokens work well to offset bad die rolls


  • Gameplay isn’t revolutionary
  • Card thickness could be better

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