Long Shot the Dice Game review

Long Shot the Dice Game Review

One of my early vacation memories as a kid was my grandmother taking us to the greyhound races in Daytona Beach. It was like the horse track but with smaller, skinner creatures without a rider on their back. The dog track was electric with energy and incredibly sad all at once. Thankfully, Long Shot the Dice Game is edge of your seat fun without watching old people lose their life savings.

A Day at the Track

In Long Shot the Dice Game, players are bidding on horses controlled by two dice that are passed around the table. The 8 horses on the track are color coded and have slightly different odds of winning. The 8-sided die tells you which horse will move and the green die tells you how many spaces to move that horse. Players choose an action on their dry erase player board each turn no matter who the active player is.

Long Shot the Dice Game - dice results

Players can place bids on horses, spend money at the concession stand, purchase gear from the horses or even buy 1 of the 8 majestic equine.

Bidding on horses – Bid up to $3 on the horse color that was rolled by the active player. This money comes from the amount of money shown on the right side of the player board. Each player starts the game with $12.

The concession stand – Spending money here to gain bonuses for each row and column of 4 coins that are crossed out. These bonuses are how players earn more money during the game or get free bids. Some bonuses push a horse forward or pull a horse backward. These are so powerful later in the game.

Long Shot the Dice Game - player board

Purchasing gear – There are two types of gear, jerseys or helmets. Buying a jersey lets you cross off a jersey icon which lets other horses drift an additional space. Buying a helmet gives you the chance to bid on that particular horse after they cross the “no bid” line in the home stretch of the track. At the end of the game, each set of gear that you buy for a horse will give you $5 at the end of the game.

Buying a horse – Each horse is priced according to their odds of finishing the race. With prices from $4 to $10, getting a horse early is important. Horses come with a unique ability that can be used by its owner. If you’re horse finishes in any of the top 3 positions, you’ll earn $35, $25 or $15. Players can own multiple horses to better their odds of winning.

Long Shot the Dice Game - winners

Edge of Your Seat Racing

Long Shot the Dice Game is downright thrilling. Players are yelling around the table as a single horse pulls to the front of the pack. People lose their minds when a horse that was in the back hits on 2 or 3 consecutive rolls of the dice.

Claiming the right concession stand bonus at just the right time can change the results in the late game. In some ways this game reminds us of Downforce but the dice and the options on the player board add another layer to the gameplay. We affectionately call this game “DownHorse” around our house.

Long Shot the Dice Game - horses

The final scores are made up of your horses’ winnings, bids on winning horses, sets of gear and left over money. Even when your score is hot garbage, this game is so much fun! Long Shot the Dice Game supports up to 8 players and I’ve really enjoyed it at just about any player count. It’s not as dynamic with just two players but it’s not bad.

While we missed the Kickstarter for this game, we were happy to find a copy at our local Barnes & Noble. No matter which version you purchase, the game comes with multiple sets of horse cards. These all have different abilities and sets can be mixed and matched if you want to customize your game.

Long Shot the Dice Game - horse decks

Final Thoughts

I’m really impressed with Long Shot the Dice Game. I never played the original Long Shot which was published in 2009 and the truth is that I didn’t need to. This game is very accessible and quick to teach. Once players understand what options are available, it’s all about making the best decisions and using bonuses wisely.

Long Shot the Dice Game - race time

This is another game that will show up at family gatherings because it’s so accessible. The board is a little smaller than I want but it still packs a nice table presence. The goofy looking cartoon horses are bright and fun while the player boards are nicely laid out.

Long Shot the Dice Game packs a lot of game into a small package. There’s even a solo mode in the box in case you want to refine your horse betting skills. This is definitely one of my favorite additions to my game shelf this year.

You can purchase a copy of Long Shot the Dice Game from the Perplext webstore or at your local Barnes & Noble store.


  • Easy to teach and quick to setup
  • Supports up to 8 players
  • Mix and match horse card sets to customize your game
  • Every game has plenty of surprises


  • Players often need a full game to get the hang of all the options
  • Wish the race board was slightly larger


2 out of 5

Time Commitment

1.5 out of 5


3.5 out of 5

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