New Star Wars Destiny Boosters

Just two months after the launch of Star Wars Destiny, Fantasy Flight Games is preparing for the launch of the second booster in the series.

The new boosters are called “Spirit of Rebellion” and takes cues from the latest Star Wars movie Rogue One. These new boosters will add 160 new cards to the game and incorporates multiple movies from this beloved saga.

Players will be able to add Jyn Erso, Emperor Palpatine, Death Troopers and Director Krennic. Each¬†Spirit of Rebellion booster will contain 1 die and 5 cards just like the current booster packs. With new cards like “Force Lightning”, this booster should add a lot of power when you pair it with the right character.

Fantasy Flight says to expect the new boosters to show up in Q1 of 2017. Start saving your money, it looks like this could get expensive.

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