S5E14 – The One About TantrumCon

While Ric adopts all the flu bugs into his body, Ryan and Bob are committed to podcasting for you wonderful people. This week Bob gushes over his crush on Maricabo while Ryan shares his thoughts on Azul: Summer Pavilion. In this episode we chat with designer Richard Yaner and Marc Spector of Grand Gamers Guild about their new game Gorinto. You can check out this beautiful game on Kickstarter today.

In our topic of the show we talk about the amazing time we had at TantrumCon at the end of January. This 3 day gaming convention is a fantastic fit for families in or around the Southeast.

Timestamps for this episode:
[02:50] What we’ve been playing
[17:00] Interview with Marc Spector and Richard Yaner
[27:05] TantrumCon 2020 Recap

This episode of the podcast is brought to you by Gorinto, the a beautiful abstract game from Grand Gamers Guild, now on Kickstarter through March 4, 2020.

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