Prehistories: Evolutions preview

Prehistories: Evolutions Preview

Over the past couple weeks we’ve had a chance to look at a new expansion for the game Prehistories from 25th Century Games. In Prehistories, your tribe of hunters venture into the field to take on prehistoric predators. Tales of their hunts are painted on their cave walls. The game is ultimately a race to complete goals and expend totem tokens. In this preview, we’re going to dig into this new Evolutions expansion and give you an idea of what to expect.


Prehistories: Evolutions includes 4 envelopes for players to dig into. Each envelope includes a new twist on the game, new cards to add to the players tribes, and even new tile shapes that will fill the cave walls of the player boards. I don’t want to share all the secrets in these envelopes because it was actually a lot of fun to bust open something new and explore the contents.

Prehistories: Evolutions modular expansions

Each envelope can be introduced to the base game one at a time or by mixing and matching. I love modular expansions like this because it allows you to cater games to the players involved. This gives Prehistories so much replayability and adds another layer to the gameplay.

New Family Members

In order to give you an opportunity to explore the modules yourself, I’m going to talk specifically about one of the four that come in this box. The first module will introduce players to Alya, a child warrior that joins the tribe. When you play Alya during a hunt, your team will win initiative against other players. If another player uses Alya during the same turn, both cards are discarded and you go to determining initiative like normal.

Prehistories: Evolutions Alya card

This envelope comes with additional goal cards that are more advanced. There’s also a new board overlay and another shape for players to add to their cave painting board. There’s a fun mystery to opening the envelopes in Prehistories: Evolutions. Once you play with the new components and cards, you can come back to the envelope during your next play or merge them with another.

Each of the modules in Prehistories: Evolutions brings a story element to the game. You’ll receive a new family member to add to your tribe along with a story about their character. This is a nice addition for families who are enjoying this game together.

Prehistories: Evolutions board piece

More Ways to Play

Our family really enjoys Prehistories and it’s a game that hits the table when newer gamers visit the house. Prehistories: Evolutions gives the game loads of replayability. Once players know the gameplay, introducing two modules is a nice way to increase the difficulty.

One of my favorite additions to the game is a new board location that can permanently alter your tribe during the game. Prehistories: Evolutions advances the gameplay and adds more what makes Prehistories a great family game. The 4 modular expansions adds so much replayability, ensuring it will hit our table far into the future.

Prehistories: Evolutions is crowdfunding through Gamefound starting on September 6, 2022. Visit the campaign and pick up this expansion along with an expansion to Space Explorers.

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