Review: Best Treehouse Ever

Treehouses are like a kid’s first venture into home design.

They might like the house they live in, but they understand that it’s usually Mom and/or Dad making all the decisions about what goes where. With a treehouse, they get to call the shots. Do the Nerf guns go in the chest in the corner or hung up on the wall to display? Should we put curtains up over the windows for privacy or leave them open so we can spy on what’s happening around us? Kids dream up all kinds of additions and scenarios that would make their treehouse perfect.

Best Treehouse Ever from Green Couch Games allows kids and adults alike to make those dreams a reality… at least in playing card form. Two to four players try to construct the ultimate treehouse over three rounds, making certain that their arrangements score them the maximum possible points. The artwork is adorable and the premise sounds great, but how well does it work? Check out our video review below to find out for yourself.

You can get your own copy of Best Treehouse Ever at your local gaming store, Amazon, or other retailers.


  • Great artwork
  • Easy-to-learn mechanics
  • Fun for the whole family


  • Scoring can be cruel at times