Review: Food Fighters

Review: Food Fighters

As a parent, the words “Stop playing with your food” will spill out of your mouth at some point. Whether it’s making a mountain out of mashed potatoes or building a log cabin out of carrots, there is something fun about playing with your food.

We have some good news! Kids Table Board Gaming has made it completely acceptable for your kids to play with food. Food Fighters is a two player game that has players battling it out with some of the cutest game components around.

Setting the Table

Food Fighters comes with an army of vegetables (cabbage, onion and broccoli) and an army of meats (chicken, bacon and steak). Players will choose their army, shuffle the thick cardboard cards and layout a 3 x 3 grid on their side of the table. Each card has a thought bubble over the fighters’ head that tells you who they are allowed to attack.

On the players turn, they have the option to “roll for beans” or “attack”. Rolling for beans means that the player rolls the two white dice and rerolls any dice that shows the “splat” icon. Players collect the number of beans that are shown on the dice. Beans are your currency in the game to purchase equipment and special abilities for your fighters. More on that in a minute.

Food Fighters layout

When you attack the other team, your food fighters thought bubble has to match the fighter you’re attacking. There is some strategy here because only your front line of fighters can attack the other player’s front line. When a player attacks, they roll the two white dice and defeat the other fighters with a “splat” icon.

To the Armory!

Kids Table Board Gaming created some of the coolest wooden tokens that are used in this game. Beans are used to buy spoons (attack another fighter from a distance), crackers (used as a shield for a fighter), a frying pan (allows the fighter to attack any enemy type), special ability cards or purchase an additional die that can be used one time.

Food Fighters components

The spoon, cracker and frying pan tokens sit perfectly on your fighters to make them look amazing. The card artwork along with the wooden tokens work so well together and is one of the reasons why Food Fighters looks so great on the table.

Purchasing the right equipment for your fighters can turn the tide of the game. Arming your broccoli with a cracker shield may just let you live to fight another day. A player wins by defeating three enemy fighters of the same type.

Playing with Our Food

Our family has played Food Fighters a lot over the past couple months. If only two of us want to sit down with a game, Food Fighters seems to always be in the mix. We’ve been able to teach kids as young as 6 and the game still engages our oldest daughter at thirteen. Erin and I often sit down with Food Fighters and a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning when we are looking for something light and fun to play.

Food Fighters meats

The biggest gripe about Food Fighters comes down to the roll of the dice. If you hate dice rolling games, this game will not change your mind. A couple horrible rolls of the dice can cost you a win. As a family, we don’t have a problem with dice rolling games. We come to the table each time knowing that there’s a level of luck involved in this game and we’re OK with that.

Kid’s Table Board Gaming has created an incredibly fun two player game that is very accessible for kids. From the moment you open the box, the game components, artwork and presentation really stand out. Food Fighters is the two player game that we come back to often and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

You can purchase a copy of Food Fighters from or Amazon today.


  • Impressive components and artwork
  • Simple to grasp for kids and still really fun for adults
  • Games take around 20 minutes
  • Great theme that is carried throughout the game


  • Dice rolls can skew the game
  • Not for people looking for heavier game mechanics