Review: Mr. Game

Review: Mr. Game

The night is going great. You’ve got a board game on the table and family/friends are laughing and having a good time. Someone draws a card and there’s some confusion on what the card means. Everyone reads it, you check the rule book and you look for a ruling from the Board Game Geek community. In any other game, this would be a hassle! But this is actually where Mr. Game shines.

The rule book for Mr. Game is rather thin and there are only a couple mandatory rules that you have to follow. The main mechanic is roll the dice and move your pawn. This is something that most anyone can do! Players will choose a colored pawn and someone will be named Mr. or Mrs. Game. This person essentially makes up rules when the rule isn’t defined by the rule book. This will happen often.

Endless Possibilities

I love that this game supports up to 8 players because it really mixes fun and chaos into one game that’s great for parties. Players are all trying to go from point A to point B in order to win the game. Meanwhile, Mr./Mrs. Game is twisting the game in any way they choose. The more creative the better in my opinion.

Mr. Game player tokens

The game is intentionally vague with the rules because they are giving players space to create their own house rules. Players will draw from a pile of over 100 cards that are classified by the colors red, green and blue. Each color has a rule that players have to follow. Some cards clearly state what the player has to do, but sometimes the card might not have any text at all.

I loved it when someone drew a card that had a $100 bill on it. The person playing the role of Mr. Game immediately said “Anyone with $300 wins the game instantly”. Mr. Game can make the game easier to win, harder to reach the goal or they might be merciless in their ruling. Just remember one thing, Mr. Game also has to follow the rules he or she creates.

Mr. Game is incredibly unique because it puts control into the hands of one player per game. I can’t stress enough that this is a game that you want to play with fun and creative people. The game is agonizing if you play with someone that struggles to make decisions and thinks inside a small box. Mr. Game is a blast to play when someone creates a ridiculous rule that has people out of their seats or laughing their heads off.

No two games will be the same. The guys who created the game even included an “Alternate Game Types” booklet with more ways to play Mr. Game. We’ve played a handful of times and haven’t even seen all the cards in the game and I love that!

Who’s This Game For

Our family has had fun with Mr. Game but it’s definitely an experience that won’t be a perfect fit for everyone. I could definitely see people struggling with this game if they have a hard time being creative. Mr. Game is a board game that reminds me of why I love this hobby so much. I don’t care if I win or lose at the end of the day. I care about having a unique experience with the people in my life.

Mr. Game cards

If you’ve got a creative and fun group to game with, this is going to be a fun addition to your game shelf. I would say the game is completely suitable for kids 8 and up even though the box suggests 12+. The more we’ve played Mr. Game, the more creative we’ve gotten.

I’m really excited to share this with more of our friends and look forward to telling the crazy stories that this game is going to create. You can pick up a copy of Mr. Game by clicking here.

Editors Note: Game Revenant sent us a retail copy of Mr. Game in Fall 2016. This complimentary copy in no way influenced the content of this review.


  • The game creates space for creativity and imagination
  • Unique and fun concept with easy mechanics
  • Loads of possibilities every game


  • Greatly dependent on the players involved
  • Needs at least 4 players (5+ is better in our opinion)