Review: Originz

Review: Originz

It’s rare to find a superhero/villain game that makes you feel like you’re living out a comic book without seeing a Marvel or DC logo on the box. Flavor Faction Studios has done just that with their new game Originz which is now being funded through Kickstarter. The game has great artwork and has some great elements that sets this game apart from other comic themed card games.

Players will choose either a hero or villain Ability card along with the matching deck of cards. You can choose between Super Strength, Cyborg Upgrade, Power Armor, Dragon Mutation or any of the other 8 powers that are available in the box. Players use energy to play cards to damage their opponents.

One unique thing about this game is that the game is based on powers and not the hero’s themselves. Being able to name your hero/villain and create an identity is something that really encourages using your imagination!

Playing with a Full Deck

A great element of this game is that the deck itself represents your hero’s health. When a player depletes their deck, they are eliminated from the game. Sometimes assaulting your opponents early can give you a quick lead and other times you may want to play conservatively to keep cards in your deck. Different cards will give you opportunities to replenish your deck or purge cards to do more damage. It puts the choice in the players hands as to how they want to play.


Turns consist of spending 3 energy points to activate and play cards. Each player also has an ability card which is a “one-shot” that can turn the tide of a game. Just like the rest of the cards, these have some great illustrations and are double sided so players can choose to be a hero or a villain.

Originz has different options for game play in the rule book. This is great for players that want to change up game play from time-to-time. You can mix cards from any of the 12 powers to give yourself a custom deck that uses two sets of powers or even play a team battle where players team up. I absolutely love it when developers give you ways to keep the game fresh and exciting.

A Family Friendly Throwdown

Our son is 11 years old and is a consumer of everything Marvel and DC. He was so excited to try this game and give his thoughts. He played multiple powers and really fell in love with the Cyborg Upgrade power. He tended to gravitate toward the powers that relied on brute strength and won the first couple games he played against his Mom.

The illustrations give you that comic book flavor and is age appropriate for everyone in the family. One of the comments that kept coming up in our family was that the game play is quick, engaging and makes you want to squeeze in another match.

Now, is Originz a perfect fit for everyone? Probably not. Younger players may have a tough time understanding how to best play their cards. The recommended age range of 10+ seems accurate. I’m not sure that some younger kids would be able to keep up against an adult who understands how to use their specific power.

Originz - Super Strength

After a couple games, it’s easy to see how players might find their favorite power and stick with it. Taking time with a power will help you develop a strategy and get more depth out of each game. Flavor Faction Studios did a great job giving each power a distinct style and feel which is great to see. It’s not just a template swap with different artwork.

We’re really excited to see the support people have for this Kickstarter because Originz is a game that I would love to see on the shelves of our local game shop. Originz proves that you can make a fantastic game with a comic book theme without having licensed characters on the cards. Head over to the Originz Kickstarter and consider supporting this great game!

Editors Note: Flavor Faction Studios sent us a prototype copy of Originz after the launch of their Kickstarter. This complimentary copy in no way influenced the content of this review.


  • Does a great job holding your attention and leaves you wanting more
  • Finding your favorite power is really fun
  • No need for the DC or Marvel license!


  • Game terms tripped us up a couple times. We used the glossary a lot in the beginning.
  • May not be compelling for people who don’t care for superheros