Review: Sagrada

Review: SagradaBeing a stained glass window artist is a tough job, but with the right tools, you will have something spectacular to look at. Sagrada is a dice drafting game from Floodgate Games that uses translucent colored dice that can at times feel like a puzzle.

Up to 4 players take turns rolling a handful of dice for everyone to draft from. Players place dice on their boads based on defined numbers and colors, making sure not to place similar dice adjacent to one another.

Sagrada is a lot of fun and a family-friendly dice game that we have enjoyed so much. Check out the full video review below.

You can find a copy of Sagrada at your local game shop, online at Floodgate Games or pick up a copy on Amazon today.


  • Beautiful components and great production
  • Highly replayable with different public scoring cards and tools
  • Easy to teach but tough to master


  • Can be tough for people who struggle with spacial recognition