Run Run Run! preview

Run Run Run! Preview

Light a torch and get ready to explore the Pharoah’s tomb. But beware, mummies are rising from their crypt and they have treasure on their mind. Also, you’re a cat. In fact, you’re a team of cats. Really cool looking, adventure cats.

“Fortune and glory, kid.”

Run Run Run! is a cooperative game for up to 4 Catventurers. With each turn that’s taken, players roll the mummy die/dice. Heart tokens are added to the mummy’s crypt on successful rolls. Once this meter is filled, a mummy awakens and is added to the board.

Run Run Run! fight

The central board is made up of hexagons placed by the players as they explore. As more tiles are added, the branching paths become more complex. When mummies enter the board, they’re added at any entrance, chosen by the players. This means players can create a complex maze that keeps the enemy at bay.

Mummies have a single purpose. To reach the Pharoah’s tomb which serves as the starting tile at the beginning of the game. Mummies will always take the shortest route to this tomb, running past any Catventurers that get in the way. If a mummy reaches the Pharoah’s tomb, the game comes to an end.

Run Run Run! map

There’s a method to building out the map because many of the hexes need to be lit by torches. 5 torches are given at the start of the game. When 3 matching icon tiles are connected, players earn 5 new torches for the supply. If players want to move more than 3 spaces on their turn, they’ll need to spend tiles from the supply. This stack of tiles also acts as a timer for Run Run Run!.

Run Run Run! torches

Unlocking the Boss

Multiple mummies can be on the board at the same time. It’s important to knock these creatures out as soon as you can. Players can roll fight dice to deal damage, drag mummies away and trigger their unique ability. To fight, you’ll discard a tile from your hand and roll a die for each exit represented on the tile. More dice can equal bigger hits or bonuses.

Players unlock a final Boss mummy by matching tiles and unlocking mechanisms to get to the end game. The Boss mummy is super powered, has lots of health and requires players to team up to defeat it.

Run Run Run! boss

Run Run Run! is a cooperative game where players can find their role and benefit the whole team by focusing on a task. Communication is important as you expand the map. In our first game, we spent too much time earning treasure by laying sarcophagus tokens. This created too many dead-ends in our map and not enough pathways for travel. This led to taking a loss as we ran out of tiles.

Grab Your Torches

Run Run Run! is a game that was originally released in France and is making its way to the US through 25th Century Games. The incredibly cute art from Camille Chaussy really pops throughout the game. The chunky wooden Catventurers and mummies have a great presence on the table. Families will enjoy the challenge of building out the map and taking down mummies together.

Run Run Run! tiles

Players can adjust the game difficulty by changing the number of mechanisms that have to be unlocked to introduce the Boss mummy. Managing your supply of torches and tiles are a nice challenge for players of any age level. Run Run Run! is an engaging cooperative game that I’m glad a broader audience will get to experience this year.

Visit the Kickstarter campaign for Run Run Run! when it launches in February 6, 2024.

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