Slide Quest Review

I remember the fun and frustration of the wooden Labyrinth game that my uncle owned as a kid. This wooden box would tilt and shift as I turned knobs trying to guide the metal ball through the maze.

I would inevitably guide the ball into a hole in the board and have to start all over. Slide Quest reminds me so much of Labyrinth but trades out the frustration for a fun theme that families will really enjoy.

Slide Quest was a big surprise for us at Origins when we stopped by the Blue Orange booth. This little box packs a lot of fun components and is also used as the base for the game board.

A Cooperative Adventure

Up to 4 players control the levers that will tilt and shift the board. Slide Quest comes with 20 cardboard sheets that can be played on. These are the 20 levels you have to guide the rolling knight through as he avoids hazards and takes out the enemies. This cooperative game gives you a couple different missions throughout the 20 levels. These different types of levels work really well for replay-ability.

The game board is essentially a little map that you’re guiding your knight through. There are rocks, archways and fences that plug into the various boards. The game offers enough variety from level to level to keep things fresh.

Enemies are defeated by pushing them into the holes on the board. Some levels require specific enemies to be pushed into the hole that matches their number. Other maps may require you to push a stick of dynamite to a specific location to finish the level. Levels that have a “light path” require you to stay on the path in order to complete the level. As we played Slide Quest we got excited to see what challenge the next level would bring.

If you find yourself running short on time, Slide Quest has a really cool save marker. This will keep track of the level you reached and how much health your knight has. Blue Orange did a good job of knowing the audience and giving gamers a way to play the game in short bursts with kids.

It usually takes a couple minutes for your team of players to get into a groove and control the knight with precision. It’s not easy and the game experience will definitely depend on the people you play with. For new players, you’ll definitely want to start at an early level and get better as you go.

A Fun Filler for Even Adults

Even though the bright colors, silly settings and whimsical art style screams “kids game”, I’ve had a blast playing Slide Quest with a group of adults just as a filler in between heavier games. It’s hard to take Slide Quest too seriously. I would count this as a good thing!

While there is a sheet of instructions with different rules and variations on how to play, some times just opening the box and saying “Let’s play 5 levels” is just what you need. Slide Quest is a game that you can take as serious as the audience playing the game. I love hearing the kids laugh while playing or adults yelling “No, no, no!” as the knight glides gracefully toward a pit.

If you’re looking for a fun and unique board game that will appeal to both kids and adults, it’s hard to pass up on Slide Quest.

You can purchase Slide Quest from your local game store or pick up a copy on Amazon today.

Blue Orange Games provided us with a retail copy of Slide Quest for this review. This in no way influenced our opinion of the game.


  • Really original design and lots of table presence
  • Play for as long as your heart desires
  • Great teaching tool for cooperation
  • Well made components


  • Might not be a game for people short on patience

Ryan Gutowski

I'm a huge fan of strategy games and pretty much anything that involves "city building". My love of board games goes back to my childhood and passion for building relationships with others.

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