Unmatched Battle of Legends Vol. 2 Announcements

Over the past couple hours a lot of Unmatched news has dropped. Because Unmatched is one of our most played games and we run a weekly Unmatched stream called Friday Night Fight, it makes sense that we chat about all this news from Restoration Games.

Unmatched Volume 2 box art

First up, the line up of 4 fighters in Unmatched Battle of Legends Vol. 2 was announced through The Dice Tower earlier today. Achilles, Sun Wukong and Bloody Mary were added to the already announced fighter Yennenga. Like the previous Battle of Legends Vol 1 and Cobble & Fog, this is a diverse line up of fighters.

The Line Up

Achilles is of course the hero of the Trojan War known as the greatest of all the Greek warriors. His sidekick Patroclus fights along side him with a health of 6 points. During the press preview event that Restoration Games held today, the team alluded to the fact that Patroclus being alive or dead during the game will affect Achilles.

Unmatched Vol 2 Achilles preview

Sun Wukong is the character I know the least about personally. I only know him under the name The Monkey King. It seems like the team had some fun with this character as he fights along 3 clones of himself.

Unmatched Vol 2 Sun Wukong

Bloody Mary is my favorite of the announcements because of my love of horror. I love that the mini for this character is a mirror shattering in 3 pieces with parts of Mary coming through the glass. The cards are going to play off the theme of “three” to keep with the theme of the character. The two cards that were released today are frightening and bloody. During the press preview Justin Jacobson mentioned the gruesome artwork that is definitely not a good fit for younger players. I’m really excited to see this player go toe-to-toe against Jekyll & Hyde or Dracula for a great horror match up.

Unmatched Vol 2 Bloody Mary preview

Yennenga was previously announced for this set and a couple cards have already been shown off this year. This fighter is a 12-century warrior princess from the Ghana region of Africa. She’s a ranged fighter that comes with 2 archers that has some of the most striking artwork we’ve seen in the Unmatched series.

Unmatched Vol 2 Yennenga

This line up is wildly diverse and is probably going to connect with people in different ways. It’s always interesting to see what the Restoration teams puts together with these unlicensed characters.

Going Digital

It was also announced today that Unmatched is getting the digital treatment at the end of 2021. Some time around December, Unmatched will be released on Steam, Switch, Android and Apple platforms. This comes no doubt from the amount of Unmatched that has been played on Tabletop Simulator and the way people played online during the pandemic.

The game will launch with Battle of Legends Vol 1 along with the Red Riding Hood and Beowulf two pack. It seems unsure how licensed fighters are going to fit into this digital edition of Unmatched.

While there was no mention of the exact release date of Battle of Legends Vol 2, they did say that it will release later this year. The 4 Marvel Unmatched sets from Mondo didn’t get a spotlight this time around but I’m sure the team will share that at a more appropriate time.

It would be an understatement to say I’m excited about what’s coming in the world of Unmatched. This fighting system and the content Restoration Games has on the horizon is incredible. Stay tuned for more Unmatched coverage in coming months.