Unmatched: Suns Origin Review

Unmatched: Suns Origin Review

The first Unmatched release of 2024 has proven to be another great non-IP based set of fighters. Unmatched: Suns Origin contains two fighters pulled straight from Japanese history. Let’s get into what makes these fighters a unique addition to the Unmatched Universe.

The Samauri

First up is the ranged fighter Tomoe Gozen, a member of the Minamoto Clan. Armed with a bow, Tomoe will track down her enemy and distance is actually her friend. Her ability called “Attack of Opportunity” will deal 1 damage to an opposing hero when they leave Tomoe’s zone. This special ability only affects heros, not sidekicks. The damage is dealt whether the opposing hero leaves the zone intentionally or because of a card effect.

Unmatched: Suns Origin - Tomoe Gozen

Tomoe is a single fighter with 14 health and no sidekick. When playing against Tomoe, players will want to stay close to this fighter. Those single points of damage can really add up! Because sidekicks are not affected by this ability, they can come and go from Tomoe’s zone with no penalty.

“Witness My Last Battle” is a card that can only target an adjacent fighter and is played face up. The attack value for this card is a 7 and ends the players turn after combat. Playing “A Warrior’s Way” against a hero can push your opponent out of the zone, triggering “Attack of Opportunity” then allowing Tomoe to close the gap as she moves adjacent to the opponent.

Tomoe is a hero killer and fighting with her is really fun.

Unmatched Suns Origin - Witness my Last Battle card

The Master Tactician

Oda Nobunaga is credited with unifying Japan in the 16th century. This leader from the Oda clan comes with 2 Honor Guard sidekicks. All 3 are melee fighters that benefit from staying close. The “Master Strategist” ability gives +1 to the value of combat cards for friendly fighters who share a zone with Oda.

Unmatched: Suns Origin - Oda Nobunaga

This hero brings a new keyword to Unmatched called flanking. Cards will give bonuses when any 2 fighters (Oda or Honor Guard) are in adjacent spaces to the opposing fighter. “Lightning and Thunder” is a card that cancels the opponents card effects when flanked. “Fire and Flames” increases the cards attack value to 5 when flanking the opposing fighter. The scheme “Demon King of the Sixth Heaven” deals 2 damage to each opposing flanked fighter.

Oda and his Honor Guard is a team that can be a powerhouse when they stay close to one another. You’ll see the most benefits when keeping the team close, similar to the way that the Raptors play in the Jurassic Park set.

From History to the Game Table

Unmatched: Suns Origin is another example of how Restoration Games takes real-life and creates incredibly compelling fighters. I had very little knowledge of these historical figures before doing some research. Bringing fighters from Japanese culture with illustrations from from Yuta Onoda is such a great addition to Unmatched. The attention to detail and style on each card is top of the line as always.

Unmatched: Suns Origin miniatures

Azuchi Castle is the board layout that is included in Unmatched: Suns Origin. This castle was one of Oda’s primary castles, built in the 1570’s. The board has 3 distinct levels that can play tricks on players as they lose adjacency moving around the board. Since Tomoe is ranged, I feel like she has a slight advantage on this map. Fighters move up and down ladders as they move between the 3 floors. Oda’s best hope for flanking opponents winds up being in the corners of this map which can be tricky against a fighter with speed.

The artwork on the card backs have a beautiful contrast between the two fighters. Oda’s card back has flames coming up from the bottom and has an overarching feel of war. Tomoe’s card back is gorgeously peaceful with cherry blossoms lining the bottom of the card.

Unmatched Suns Origin - Fire and Flames card

The miniatures for both fighters are so strong. Oda is pointing at his opponent, ready to go to war. The attention to detail on his armor is another example of how far the miniatures have come in this series. Tomoe’s miniature has a fitting action pose for a ranged warrior. You can almost imagine her jumping into battle as a fighter comes into view.

Both fighters feel unique and have their own strengths. After playing a couple games with each, I enjoy Tomoe’s style just a little more than Oda. Attacking from a distance and controlling the location of my opponent is something I really enjoy.

Do You Need Suns Origin?

So, is Unmatched: Suns Origin a must buy? I feel like this 2-pack is one of the strongest sets around. These two historical fighters feel unique and the Japanese art style splashed across every card is a beautiful addition to Unmatched. These fighters have held up nicely against previous sets. They almost feel like an extension of Battle of Legends: Volume 2.

Unmatched: Suns Origin is a must buy in my opinion. The value of these fighters at under $25 is phenomenal. Don’t let this one fly under the radar, this is one of the best 2-packs in the series to date.

You can purchase Unmatched: Suns Origin from your local game store, from the Restoration Games webstore or online through Amazon today.

This game was provided to us by the publisher for review. Read more about our review policies at One Board Family.


  • Excellent connection to Japanese history
  • Two distinct fighters that feel unique
  • Illustrations and miniatures are top of the line


  • Fighters will be unknown for most


2 out of 5

Time Commitment

1.5 out of 5


3.5 out of 5

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