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My Favorite Dice Game

One of my favorite dice games is Mars Attacks: The Dice Game from Steve Jackson Games. Players take on the roll of the creepy martians who are bent on destroying every city they come across.

Live Demo of Dr. Eureka

This week we tried our hand at doing a live demo of a game that our family really enjoys. Dr. Eureka is a dexterity game for up to 4 players from Blue Orange Games. Players mix “molecules” in test tubes to complete a color combination quicker than the other opponents.

Sushi Go! is Getting a Digital Release

There’s something about those cute little sushi rolls that keep us coming back to the table over and over. Our family is a big fan of Sushi Go! and Sushi Go Party! If you’re a fan of this game like we are, and you have an iOS device, then you never have to leave home without […]

Table for Two: Five Great Games for Couples

Just because a box says “2 – 6 players” doesn’t always mean that it’s fun with that range of players. It can be hard to sort through the massive amount of games that say they can be played with as few as two players. In this post I’m teaming up with my board game loving […]

“Barnyard Roundup” Available to Support on Kickstarter

There are so many new games popping up on Kickstarter every single day! Some games, like Exploding Kittens, break records while some are looking for an audience to support a great idea. We wanted to point out Barnyard Roundup as a Kickstarter project that you should definitely check out. The company that created the game, […]

Time Machine: Stop Thief

Time Machine posts are a look back at games that are 30+ years old. We’ll share some of the history behind the game and why we believe it should have a place on your family game shelf. Growing up, our family game collection wasn’t extensive, but one game always stuck out in my mind. The […]

“Storyline: Scary Tales” Announced by Asmodee

Who doesn’t like telling spooky tales around the campfire? Asmodee, publishers of Spot It!, 7 Wonders and other great games, announced a new edition to their Storyline series. Our family loves to use our imagination and tell stories. That’s one reason why we’re fans of games like Story Cubes from GameWright.

3 Family Games Around 15 Minutes That You Can Play Tonight

Quality time with the family around the table can be rare with our busy schedules. Board games have come a long way from the days of settling in for a 3 hour session of Monopoly or RISK. In this post, we want to suggest three easy to learn games that will grab your family’s attention […]