Review: Dr. Eureka

Dr. Eureka from Blue Orange Games

Dr. Eureka, by Blue Orange Games, is a fast paced dexterity game that keeps you wanting more. While packaged as a kids game, we can guarantee that parents will find this game just as exciting! What makes this game so unique is its simplicity. There is virtually no learning curve, and even though the game says ages 8 and up, kids as young as 5 would probably have no problem picking it up on their first time around.


Each player gets three test tubes, each containing two molecules (marbles) of the same color. One player then flips over one of the 54 challenge cards, which contain a “scientific formula” that each player has to replicate by “pouring” the molecules into or out of the test tube. The first player to replicate the formula wins that turn, and gets to keep the challenge card. They first player to reach 5 challenge cards is the winner!

Dr. Eureka cards

Be careful of touching the molecules with your bare hands, though. If this happens, or if you accidentally drop one of the molecules, or incorrectly announce that you finished the “formula,” you are out!

Family Time

The first time our family played, we could sense a shift in focus and concentration. All of us, including the kids, were really zoned in on meeting the challenge. You could feel a sense of frustration as the same player met the challenge several times in a row, and the kids would shout “I almost had it!”

As they got better at the game, though, they seemed to gain confidence, especially as they started winning a few here and there. Patience and perseverance really shine through in this game. The longer you stick it out, the better you will get at it!

Dr. Eureka game components


The packaging of this game really makes you excited to play. Bright colors, scientific test tubes, and the picture of a wacky doctor on the front definitely make kids and parents excited to find out what the game is like. Inside the box, you will find that there are very secure notches for each test tube, ensuring that you won’t have loose molecules rolling all over the place!

Each game plays in about 15 minutes, making it perfect for younger kids whose attention spans might be a little short. It’s also fun for those players who might be new to table top gaming, or might not enjoy deep strategy gaming.

You can order this game through your local game shop, or order it via Amazon.


  • Fast gameplay
  • Fun for all ages
  • Small learning curve


  • Can be frustrating for slower players
  • Limited at 4 players