CLUE: Star Wars

CLUE Star Wars Edition

I’m a sucker for CLUE games and Hasbro is trying to get my money again. Since the original CLUE debuted almost 70 years ago, the game has been reskinned and republished more times than I can count. My first version that I purchased as an adult was a Simpsons themed edition that our family still plays today.

The latest reskin of CLUE actually brings changes that fit the theme really well. In CLUE: Star Wars, up to 6 players are trying to be the first to find their way off the Death Star. Instead of trying to figure out who committed a murder, you’re trying to guess Darth Vader’s next target planet, the room the plans are hidden in and the correct escape vehicle.

CLUE: Star Wars

Players can choose from classic characters Luke, Leia, Han, Chewbacca, C3PO and R2-D2. What is so cool about this game is the 5 piece cardboard, 3-dimensional Death Star board. It seems like Hasbro did a great job of pulling the Star Wars theme together for this edition of CLUE. Instead of just creating a 2-D, top down board, they created a game board that really stands out.

You can pick up this latest version of CLUE from the Hasbro website, online or find it on your local store shelves this holiday season.

Read the Original Release from Hasbro

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