Big Dig Review

Big Dig Review

Big Dig Review

Dig into the dirt and uncover treasure, find valuable resources or discover artifacts. Big Dig is a tiny “flip and write” game in the vein of Kokoro or Avenue. Does this new filler game from TMG strike gold or will it leave us searching for something more?

Up to 4 players are given their own personal double-sided dry erase boards and a pen. Big Dig has a number of goal cards in the box which provides different objectives players will chase. To start the game, pull 3 goal cards from the deck and these will be the goals that every player is trying to meet.

On your turn, draft 1 of 5 cards with a “Tetris-style” shape. Players will cross out squares of dirt on their map in order to reach the different goals. One goal will have you grabbing gold coins while another goal has players clear a path between two pipes on either side of their board. Players have to be able to use the entire shape they draft and can rotate the card to fit the need.

Big Dig player board

You’ll run into obstacles such as rocks and others buried items that are not on your current goal cards. Rocks can be blown up by not forfeiting the shape on one the cards. Once all 5 cards have been drafted from the middle of the table, players flip these cards over and put them back in the center of the table.

The first player to complete all 3 goals wins the game.

Compact Fun

I like how accessible Big Dig is when introducing the game to a new player. The artwork is small, cute and colorful while the gameplay presents a puzzle that is waiting to be solved. I have to admit that I was surprised at the actual size of this game. It is tiny and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This is a great filler game that will travel well on vacation, dinner out with the family and to the local coffee shop.

Big Dig goals

Big Dig rewards the player who is the most efficient with digging through the dirt using the 10 different shapes that are available during the game. The game takes around 10 to 15 minutes to play and it’s a very casual game to play. If someone drafts the card you needed, it’s on you to have a backup plan. I rarely found myself in a place that I couldn’t dig my way out of.

The game comes with 10 different goal cards and each player board is double-sided. While they did a great job creating variety in the box, most games will feel the same. The game will always reward efficiency in the space you’ve been given. Many games we played came down to most players being 1 or 2 turns from finishing the last goal. Most of the time you’re only looking up from your board in the last couple turns to see if you’re going to win.

Big Dig path

Big Dig is an extremely portable game that is a good option for adults or kids who are looking for a light puzzle. This is the game that will get thrown into a book bag, purse or show up during lunch at work. Knowing the role this game fills in our collection is helpful because not every game is the right fit for a game night.

You can purchase Big Dig when it hits retail in March 2019.

Tasty Minstrel Games provided a copy of Big Dig prior to its retail release. This in no way influenced our opinion of this game.


  • Small, cute puzzle game for up to 4 players
  • Travels well and takes up very little table space
  • A variety of goal cards are a nice touch


  • Games feel the same play after play
  • Lacks depth of some of the other games in this field

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