Cloud Control Review

Cloud Control Review

Cloud Control is a shape-based party game from designer Eugene Bryant and published by 25th Century Games. Players are given a wide-array of shape cards to create objects that other players with guess to gain points.

Cloud Control cloud cards

Patterns in the Sky

Cloud Control gives you 16 different shapes to choose from with 4 cards in each shape. These stacks sit in the center of the table for the active player to create with. With a little imagination and planning, these shapes can turn into just about anything.

On your turn you’ll pull a shape card off the deck. Each card gives you four shapes, two worth 1-point a piece and two worth 3-points a piece. You can create as many or as few of these shapes as you’d like while the sand timer drains during your turn. I usually go for the bigger points first during my turn, but that’s just me.

Cloud Control shape cards

You’ll create a shape using the various cards in the center of the table with hopes that someone will guess your creation. Each correct guess from another player will earn both the guesser and yourself the number of points on the card.

Once a correct guess is made, move onto another shape and start building using the shape cards. I love that Cloud Control allows you to give your cloud shape “movement” on the table. If you’re creating a dog, you can move a card back and forth on the table to simulate a tail wagging. This has been a huge help when trying to get the other players to guess your creation. You can even use very basic hand gestures, but that should probably be defined early on so that it doesn’t turn into a game of charades.

Cloud Control torch

Lightning Round

After everyone has taken a turn as the active player, Cloud Control introduces the Lightning Round. A new card is drawn and all players attempt to build the shape at the bottom of the card simultaneously while the sand timer runs. After 90 seconds, players get to another 90 seconds to discuss the shapes that were created.

Cloud Control point tokens

Players will all vote, for another player, and the player who created the winning shape gets an additional 5 points. This can be a great way for players to catch up if they’ve fallen behind during the round.

Use Your Imagination

I’ve looked at the shapes on a Shape Card and asked myself “How in the world can I make this work?” None of the shapes on the cards are impossible but some can be pretty difficult. Players need to lean into their imagination as they build these clouds using the shapes available in the game.

You’ll have to be creative using the cloud cards. Players will be guessing as you overlap and connect cards. Listening and adapting as you build the shape is a must.

Cloud Control fireplace

Cloud Control is a straight forward party game that is great for kids and adults. The sand timer brings just enough tension where finishing all four shapes on your turn feels like an accomplishment. It’s great being able to earn points during a round no matter what role you have.

With no down time in the game, Cloud Control moves fast and has every player at the table engaged. While nothing in this game is revolutionary, Cloud Control does what it does well. The only issue I have with the game is the small point tokens in the game. The kite shaped tokens are frustratingly small for my large hands.

Cloud Control small tokens

Cloud Control is an excellent choice for families. The game does a great job getting everyone at the table involved which is a necessity for any party game to stay in our collection.

You can purchase Cloud Control at your local game store or on the 25th Century Games web store.

This game was provided to us by the publisher for review. Read more about our review policies at One Board Family.


  • 16 different shapes offer lots of options
  • Cute theme that connects with family gamers
  • Lots of Shape Cards keep the game fresh
  • Lightning Round is a fun twist at the end of each round


  • Point tokens are a little small
  • May have to reign in players from using too many hand gestures

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