Downforce is Getting an Expansion

Downforce was easily one of our most played games of 2017 even though we only got this to the table in August. The game made it onto our annual Holiday Buyers Guide and it’s been a huge hit with our gaming and non-gaming friends.

This week Restoration Games announced an expansion coming for this great game. The expansion is called “Danger Circuit” and will contain a double-sided board that gives you 2 new tracks to race on. Along with the new tracks, there will be 6 new power cards in the box.

It fantastic to see that Downforce has been a hit for Restoration Games. These new tracks mean that this game will be on our table even more than it already is.

Justin Jacobson from Restoration Games shared some more details about the new tracks:

The expansion, entitled “Danger Circuit” includes a full-size, six-fold, double-sided board and six new player powers. It features new cover art by returning artist Tavis Coburn, who is also doing the art for the tracks this time around. The “Switchback Pass” track includes “dangerous spaces”, which can only be used to pass other cars. “Crosstown Speedway” presents players with split tracks and crossover “loops”, where trailing cars can block cars in the lead. Powers include “Defensive”, which lets players move their cars when they wouldn’t move at all, and “Ambitious”, which lets players advance their cars when the cross a betting line.

You can read more about the expansion coming in Summer of 2018 and about a partnership with IELLO to distribute Downforce internationally.