S5E08 – The One About Game Themes

Ric and Ryan are talking about Smartphone Inc. and Tussie Mussie along with a quick overview of an event called Dice Drop Weekend. Our topic of the show this week is all about board game themes that we love and the ones that we’re tired of. During our discussion, Ric and Ryan answer the following questions:

Theme You’re Most Excited About Right Now?

  • Ric: Christmas
  • Ryan: Nature

Theme You Are Tired Of?

  • Ric: Colonialism (Historical, Space or Otherwise)
  • Ryan: Space

Theme I Want More Of?

  • Ric: Westerns
  • Ryan: Building/Inventing

Favorite Thematic Series?

  • Ric: Burgle Bros / Fugitive
  • Ryan: West Kingdom (Architects / Paladins)

Favorite Theme?

  • Ric: Detective / Mystery
  • Ryan: City Building

We end the episode with a review of the small memory game Panic Island from Blue Orange Games.

Timestamps for this episode:
[02:28] What we’ve been playing
[13:03] Game themes we love, and some we don’t
[36:55] Panic Island Review

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