Review: Burger Up

Review: Burger UpAvocado, fried egg, mustard and cheese…all on one burger? Sure, why not! In Burger Up, players are able to use their imaginations while still following the rules. This two to four player game, published by Rule &¬†Make, is a game of creativity and strategy, and appeals to the burger lover in (almost) all of us.

While there are vegan and vegetarian burger combos, there is still something sweet about building a “Meat-O-Saurus Rex.” Make sure to watch our full video review to see how this game stacks up!

You can check out Burger Up at your local game store or buy it on Amazon today.


  • Appeals to a variety of ages
  • The artwork is amazing
  • Large variety of burger types to keep the game fresh and exciting


  • Table space can be an issue when the burgers get huge!