2018: The Encore

2018. A year of so many great memories. Brides canceling their wedding because their friends won’t spend thousands of dollars to attend. A man led cops on a chase through downtown Denver on a stolen tractor. A New Jersey school superintendent was accused of regularly pooping on the high school track (this article is from Time, guys!). A man was arrested for DUI when he mistook the bank drive-thru for a Taco Bell. I could keep listing these entries (and keep distracting myself from writing this article), but I have more important work to get to. Like telling you about some of the amazing things that happened on our site this year.

Game Shelf Staples

We’re always trying to encourage people to play more games, and many of our blog entries sought to help you find the games that would work for you. For those looking to work with their friends rather than against them, we gave you five different cooperative games that you could break out at your next game night, including Pandemic and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle. 

Villainous Review

We also began our Game Shelf Staples series in which we highlight three games within a particular genre that we believe are essential to your board game collection. So far, we’ve given recommendations for abstract and tile placement

Finally, we reviewed some of the big hits of 2018, like Space Base, Villainous, and Reef. We also checked in on some solid titles from the past few years, like Camel Up and Clank!.

We do more than just reviews, though. Many of our featured articles got a lot of feedback on different social media outlets. Back in July, Ric took a stand for Monopoly, causing a bit of a ruckus on some Facebook board gaming groups. Ryan honestly assessed his family’s performance on their 2017 10×10 challenge, while also coming up with ideas on how to be more successful in the future. 

Monopoly Jail

He also gave you a few ideas on how to keep track of your gaming so you can figure out what types of games work best for your gaming groups.

We also got to talk to some really cool people from around the industry. Jason Tagmire of Button Shy Games talked about his company’s focus on games that fit in a wallet. The Funkhousers of Druid City Games told us what it’s like to game when there’s a new addition to your family.

And, of course, who could forget our podcasts. We had some great episodes of the One Board Podcast this year and we hope that you’ve enjoyed them. Some of our favorites include our recap at Origins and our first live episode! We also began a new show, Will It Game?, and we’ve had a hilarious bunch of episodes. Probably my favorite was with Sara and Will Meadows from Tantrum House where Ryan and I went nostalgia-heavy with games based on 80’s cartoons.

One Board Podcast S2S05.5

Well, those were some of our favorite moments. What did you love from 2018? Let us know in the comments below!

Ric White

I teach math for a living and enjoy time with my super awesome wife, awesome kids and almost as awesome dog. I like card and board games, and I truly enjoy learning and experiencing new games whenever I can.

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