AEG Announces Checkers: The Dice Game

Checkers: The Dice Game

Let’s face it, everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon in the last year and creating dice game versions of our favorite board games. Some of these titles have proven to be mindless “dice chuckers” with no real strategy, and some have gone on to win awards and may very well be included in the top board games of all time. So as to not be out done, another contender has decided to throw their hat in the ring and produce what some might say could be the king of all dice games.

Alderac Entertainment Group has been pumping out hit titles in the last year with games like War Chest, Space Base, and the upcoming Tiny Towns, so it comes as no surprise when they decided to keep the trend going with their newest and latest creation, Checkers: The Dice Game.  When I first became aware of the idea, I thought to myself, this is absolutely genius. Then, AEG decided to send me a review copy of the finished product that really made an impression. Checkers: The Dice Game is the breath of life needed to jump start the board game industry into the 23rd century.

Checkers: The Dice Game comes with two beautiful sets of gray and red dice. These dice will be used in gameplay instead of the original flat discs that we’re all used to. This makes things so much easier in game play because instead of the round, flat, easily sliding discs, the game now has cubes. The board, while almost exactly like the original checker board, has many unique differences. One of those differences is the color. Growing up, I was used to the old red and black checker board I saw in most games. AEG has decided to use a card board wood grain board instead, making the color pop so much more. You will be playing dice checkers but you may feel like you are playing dice chess.

Checkers: The Dice Game components

During setup, all die will be set on the board to the value of one. As with a normal game of checkers you will be moving your dice one diagonal space forward toward your opponent’s side of the board. However, every time you move a die one space, it ups the value of that die by one. Should you be positioned diagonally from an opponent you may jump over them to capture their die, but may only do so if the number on your die is equal to or higher than the number on their die. This major difference will change the gaming world forever.

I will say that I discovered one slight issue when kinging another player. It is quite cumbersome to stack the dice on top of each other and move them around the board without knocking them over. It seems as though the flat discs have the upper hand in that aspect. All in all, this is a beautifully redone mechanic on a classic board game that was much needed. AEG has created a new classic that deserves space on every game shelf. It seems they will continue their creative endeavors, as I’ve also received notification of another prototype copy they will be sending me. This will be an AEG original redone, Dice City: The Dice Game. I was skeptical as it sounded a little bit dicey, but after Checkers TDG success, I agreed I would just roll with it.

Happy April Fools’ Day. This piece is meant as satire and not to be taken seriously. You can find real reviews, news and interviews on this site each and every week.